Kitesurfing in El Cuyo: The Comprehensive Guide to Yucatan’s Wind Paradise


The Ultimate Kitesurfing Guide to El Cuyo, Yucatan

As soon as I arrived in El Cuyo, Yucatan, I was enchanted by the beauty of the place.

Seeing the kitesurfers sailing freely in the sea completed this idyllic picture, and I wanted to find out more about this activity.

That’s when I got in touch with Noah, an instructor at Elements Kite School, a kitesurfing school in the Yucatan, who gave me all the information I needed about kitesurfing in El Cuyo.

In this guide, you’ll discover all the details on lessons from beginner to advanced level, the best time of year to kitesurf in Yucatan, weather conditions and much more.

I’m sure that by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be convinced that El Cuyo is not only a natural paradise, but also one of the best kitesurfing destinations in Mexico!

Kitesurfing in El Cuyo (Yucatan): All you need to know

Why is El Cuyo an excellent kitesurfing destination?

El Cuyo stands out as one of the few destinations where enthusiasts can enjoy consistent winds for most of the year. Its long, uncrowded beach and shallow waters make it an ideal spot for both beginners and experts in kitesurfing.

The abundant sunshine, breathtaking natural scenery, and the vibrant atmosphere of the town and its community combine to make El Cuyo the ideal destination for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

What are the best kitesurfing spots in Yucatan?

I’d say that, along with El Cuyo, the main spots for kitesurfing in Yucatan are Progreso and Sisal. Both offer good winds, yet they each have their own unique characteristics

Kitesurfing beaches in Yucatán

What are the typical conditions for kitesurfing in El Cuyo?

Because of El Cuyo’s weather conditions, we have very good, constant thermal winds.

  • Wind season: November – June
  • Wind strength: 16 to 24 knots
  • Weather: Sunny, clear and with thermal winds

Is it possible to kitesurf all year round?

The kitesurfing season in the Yucatan runs from November to June, but you may get lucky out of season and find a windy day.

What’s the best time of year to kitesurf in the Yucatan?

I recommend coming from February to May, as these are the best months to enjoy low waves, constant wind and lots of sunshine throughout the day.

Is kitesurfing in Yucatan suitable for all levels?

Absolutely! We guide you every step of the way, from beginner to advanced.

When it comes to kitesurfing for beginners in Yucatan, we offer a personalized approach to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe.

We have all the equipment needed to make lessons safe and fun in all conditions.

For advanced kitesurfers, it’s even more fun, with everything you need to enjoy a session in the style of your choice.

Best Kitesurfing Spots in Yucatán

Is kitesurfing suitable for all ages and fitness levels?

We recommend starting at the age of 10.

The maximum age is really different for everyone, and some people want to start learning at 65. It’s perfectly possible, but we recommend doing it in a spot with few waves, such as a lake, to facilitate the process.

As far as physical fitness is concerned, you need a little stamina and mobility, but above all technique and the desire to learn.

Anyone can learn to kitesurf in Yucatan.

What kind of courses do you offer, and are they adapted to different levels?

We offer tailored kitesurfing lessons for different levels: 3-hour introductory, 6-hour intermediate, and 9-hour advanced

During the courses, you’ll learn different exercises to become a real kitesurfer.

We offer group courses (maximum 3 people) and private lessons. In both cases, you learn the same thing, the only difference being that in the group course, you share the same kite.

What’s the typical course timetable?

It depends on the wind, we’re always on the lookout and we tell you what the best time is, so it could be from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., depending on the conditions and the student’s preferences, if he or she has another activity planned.

How long do students usually stay?

We usually organize full 9-hour courses to take students from beginner to expert level.

We recommend that these 9 hours be completed in 3 days x 3 hours, but in some cases they can be completed in 2 days x 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.

Do you offer courses in several languages?

Yes, we have instructors who can teach kitesurfing in English, French and Spanish.

Kitesurfing lessons in Yucatan El Cuyo
Kitesurfing lessons in Yucatan El Cuyo

What kind of equipment do you provide, and can participants bring their own?

We provide all the necessary equipment (kite, harness, bar, board, pump, vest, helmet) and we also use the BBtalkin radio system

Participants can also bring their own equipment and receive a discount.

How long has Elements Kite been open in El Cuyo, and how experienced are the instructors?

The Elements Kite school, which opened its doors in 2019, features an excellent team of IKO (International Kitesurfing Organization) certified instructors, committed to providing the best experience with safety and a positive spirit.

What safety measures and protocols do you have in place for students?

The courses adhere to the standards set by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO), incorporating numerous safety protocols and systems where necessary.

In the actual practice of kitesurfing, there are also various safety rules that are taught to the student during the lesson.

Are there any kitesurfing events or competitions in El Cuyo?

From time to time, events are organized in El Cuyo, one of them and the most common being the Festival de la Veda, which is not a competition as such, but a presentation and demonstration of what kitesurfing is all about.

In recent years, we’ve tried to organize more competitions at El Cuyo. Last year we had one, and this year we’ll be trying to organize others to raise the level, develop the sport and also tourism around it.

Aprender Kitesurf en Yucatán El Cuyo

What is the attitude of the El Cuyo community towards Yucatan kitesurfers?

Over the last 15 years, kitesurfing has experienced a surge in popularity, and our community has responded positively.

Kitesurfing tourism has made a significant contribution to El Cuyo’s local economy, generating revenue in tourism services, accommodation and restaurants, while emphasizing sustainability and respect for the natural environment and local culture.

Kitesurfing lessons in El Cuyo, Yucatan

For information and to book your lessons, visit the kitesurfing school’s website:

You can also contact them via:

  • Whatsapp: +52 1 984 157 6987
  • Mail:
  • Social networks: Facebook / Instagram

kitesurfing in Yucatan

Where to stay in El Cuyo – Best hotels

Some accommodations are very basic, others very pretty and comfortable. It’s worth noting that, in general, the best hotels fill up quickly, so I strongly advise you to book in advance!

Here are my recommendations for hotels in El Cuyo with different budgets:

  • Casa Cuyo: this is a nice little hotel with a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, terrace, restaurant on site, from 74 $usd per night! 
  • Casa Mate: small cozy cabins, to have your feet in the sand, a step away from the sea. Intimate atmosphere, excellent service, very good restaurant. Breakfast included, from 120 $usd per night
  • La Casa Cielo is the best hotel in El Cuyo and the perfect place for a romantic trip. A well designed, beachfront hotel with lounge chairs, palm trees, a nice small pool, jacuzzi, two terraces and a good restaurant. One of the few places in El Cuyo that has an alcohol license and accepts cards. I stayed there 3 nights and loved it. Breakfast included, from 137 $usd per night

My advice
Check out: my full experience at La Casa Cielo (click here), which also includes all my other hotel recommendations in El Cuyo!
hotel el cuyo casa cielo vue piscina
Casa Cielo Hotel, El Cuyo

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