Visit Isla Holbox: Top 12 Things To Do and Must-See Attractions


Things to do in Holbox: The 12 Best Places to Visit

The island of Holbox is located on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, where the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea meet.

Despite the poetic image that you might have walking along its fine sandy beaches, Holbox has never been an isolated and idyllic paradise.

It was a land of pirates in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries because of its strategic location, then a land of refuge for the survivors of the social rebellion of the Mayas in 1847, called the Caste War of Yucatan: it has had quite an eventful history!

Today it is a relaxed little paradise, with long beaches and colorful murals.

If you are looking for a quieter destination than the Riviera Maya, to swim in crystal clear waters, read a book in the shade of palm trees and sip a margarita in the sun, Holbox is for you.

In this Ultimate Guide to Holbox, I will share with you the best things to do and places to see, my recommendations for hotels and restaurants for all budgets, and the best beach clubs to enjoy the seaside.

I will also explain how to get to Holbox, how the ferry works and how to get around the island.

So, how can you visit Holbox?

Top 12 must-see places in Holbox

1. Discover the village of Holbox and its urban art

When you get off the ferry, don’t rush straight to the beach. Instead, take some time to explore the streets of Holbox, which are very charming.

As you walk around, you’ll meet barefoot hippies, travelers trying to take the perfect Instagram photo, and friendly locals sharing their small but lively community.

On Holbox, people usually walk, ride bikes, or drive golf carts because the roads are just simple dirt paths, not good for cars.

The main square is the lively center of the town, surrounded by small shops, cafes, and restaurants, and filled with colorful street art.

  • On Tiburón Ballena Street, you’ll find pharmacies, tiny supermarkets, and other shops.
In Holbox’s main square
casa holbox
casa holbox
street art holbox
street art holbox
street art in holbox
street art in Holbox

2. Walk on the soft sand

There is no doubt that Isla Holbox is famous for its beaches and clear waters.

One of the most magical moments of my trip to Mexico was strolling along Holbox beach with my favorite chill playlist in my ears and my feet in the shallow waters.

playa holbox
Holbox beach, near Mandarina restaurant

3. Find your favorite beach club

The best way to enjoy the day is definitely by heading to a beach club where you can use their facilities just by ordering something to eat or drink.

Here are some of the best beach clubs in Holbox:

  • Mandarina Restaurant & Beach Club

During my first visit in 2018, I discovered the Mandarina Restaurant & Beach Club, which is conveniently located right in the downtown area of Holbox as part of the Casa Las Tortugas Hotel.

It was already a lovely spot back then, but after returning a few years later, I can confirm that it’s even more stunning with its new design!

The ambiance is chic yet relaxed, with comfortable seating and excellent cocktails, including the Peanut Colada which was a delightful surprise.

Mandarina Restaurant is open from morning till night, serving everything from breakfast to dinner with a menu featuring salads, grills, and sandwiches.

My advice
If you’re considering dining here, I recommend making a reservation to secure a beachside table—it’s especially romantic at night!  
peanut colada holbox
The delicious Peanut Colada, Holbox
holbox beach club mandarina
Restaurant & Beach Club Mandarina in Holbox
  • La Playa de Ñaña 

As a big fan of tiki culture, I just had to check out this beach club’s tiki cocktail menu.

I tried a couple of their specialties:

-Koko Oko La: This cocktail adds a spicy twist, which feels just right in Mexico. 😉🌶️

-Uhane Uhane: Made with rum, banana, mango, and coconut, it’s the quintessential beach cocktail—sweet, of course, but perfectly tropical.

The club also offers traditional cocktails and a menu featuring salads, ceviches, aguachiles, and tacos.

I went for the shrimp tacos, and while tasty, the price of 3 tacos for 270 pesos felt a bit steep given their rather average quality.

The silver lining here is the setting—a spacious beach with hammocks, lounge chairs, and tables. It’s a fantastic spot to relax and enjoy a drink. If you feel hungry, though, you might want to consider eating elsewhere.

beach club holbox nana
beach club holbox nana
  • Punta Caliza and BarBarossa

I grouped these together because they share a similar vibe: both are relatively small and cozy, unpretentious, with good music and reasonable prices—just my kind of place!

-Barbarossa: The service here is very friendly. They offer great deals, like 2 beers plus guacamole for 200 pesos.

-Punta Caliza: There’s a minimum spend of 300 pesos here, and a cocktail will set you back about 200 pesos. Notably, there’s a topless area, which is something I haven’t seen at other places in Holbox.

punta caliza holbox
punta caliza holbox
  • Get a day pass

If you’re planning to spend a day at the beach, consider purchasing a day pass from one of the Holbox hotels that offer this option.

Here’s how it works: You pay a set fee to access the hotel’s amenities (like lounge chairs, showers, towels, and wifi), and a portion of that fee can be used towards food and drinks.

Villas Flamingos and Hotel Las Nubes are great choices. Their day pass is priced at 600 pesos, which includes 500 pesos worth of consumption.

While it might seem pricey, given that the average cocktail in Holbox costs between 200-250 pesos, you can easily get great value from your pass 😉

For Hotel Las Nubes, make sure to book your pass in advance (click here!)

day pass holbox hotel las nubes
Day pass at La Nubes, Holbox

4. Visit Punta Mosquito

If you’re looking to enjoy a beautiful beach without spending any money, you must check out Punta Mosquito in Holbox.

This beach has stunning turquoise waters and soft sandy shores sprinkled with tiny shells. It’s definitely one of the prettiest beaches in Mexico, and you might even see some pink flamingos!

My advice
Remember to bring everything you need like water and snacks, as there are no shops or services nearby.

Also, if you’re visiting Holbox with kids, keep in mind that there are no bathrooms at Punta Mosquito. 

Getting to Punta Mosquito:

The best way to get there is to walk straight along the long sandbank from Palapas del Sol hotel on the beach.

If you’re using a golf cart or bicycle, you’ll have to leave it at the end of the path, just beyond Las Nubes Hotel where you’ll see a sign.

From that point, you’ll need to continue on foot. As you walk on the beach, you’ll come across a sign for a bird conservation area indicating that you can’t go further. Simply follow along the sandbank from there.

punta mosquito holbox
Punta Mosquito, Holbox
entrada punta mosquito holbox
entrance punta mosquito holbox

5. Kitesurfing

Due to its geographical location, Holbox can be quite windy during the winter months.

The island’s shallow waters and wide beaches make it an ideal spot for learning to kitesurf in Mexico. Even seasoned kitesurfers will find plenty of excitement here, as winds can reach speeds of over 25 knots.

I haven’t tried kitesurfing myself, but while heading towards Punta Mosquito (just past the stunning Las Nubes hotel), I saw a group of kitesurfers smoothly gliding across the water. It’s truly inspiring to see such a display of freedom on the waves. 😍

  • Best time to kitesurf in Holbox: November to May. You’ll find several kitesurfing schools on the island that offer lessons and equipment rental.

My advice
If you’re interested in kitesurfing, another fantastic spot is Holbox’s lesser-known neighbor, El Cuyo.

For more insights, check out my article on kitesurfing in El Cuyo!

holbox kitesurf mexico
holbox kitesurf mexico

6. Try Holbox’s craft beer

Holbox has its very own beer called Holboxeña.

I was surprised to learn that they make just one type of beer—a coconut porter. This was my first time trying a porter with a tropical twist, and I really enjoyed it.

It tastes like a traditional porter with a deep, roasted cocoa flavor that’s not too sweet, and it has a nice coconut scent. It’s light and perfect for drinking at the beach.

  • You won’t find much information on their website, but you can see where they sell it by looking at the stories on the brewery’s instagram account
beer holbox
La Holboxeña, Holbox craft beer

7. See the bioluminescence show at Punta Cocos

At the far end of the island, you’ll find Punta Cocos, a peaceful and beautiful beach.

It’s quite similar to Punta Mosquito, but you can easily get there by golf cart or bicycle. You’ll often see flamingos here too, which makes it even more special.

Punta Cocos is famous for its incredible bioluminescence display at night. You can see this glowing phenomenon all year, but it’s most impressive from June to October when the water is warmer.

My advice
Walking along the beach is nice, but for a truly unforgettable experience, I suggest taking a kayak tour.

This way, you can paddle through the glowing waters and see the bright lights up close.

Book it here:

Punta Cocos in Holbox, a little piece of paradise
bioluminescence holbox
The bioluminescence effect

8. Enjoy a boat tour

Beaches are wonderful, but there are some amazing sights in Holbox that you don’t want to miss.

The best way to explore them is to take a boat tour to visit Isla Pájaros (Birds Island), Yalahau Cenote and Isla de la Pasión (Passion Island)

  • Birds Island is a sanctuary for 35 species of birds. You can’t walk on the island to protect them, but there’s a lookout that offers a splendid view. If you’re into birdwatching, be sure to bring your binoculars.
  • Cenote Yalahau is definitely a highlight in Holbox. This small freshwater lagoon, surrounded by lush greenery, is perfect for a swim or just relaxing in the sun. Don’t forget your swimsuit!
  • Passion Island has a storied past. It was once a honeymoon spot for Holbox’s newlyweds, then transformed into an area with restaurants and clubs. However, Hurricane Wilma in 2005 nearly erased its landmarks. Today, it’s a quiet spot where you can see flamingos and other birds, and walk in the shallow waters around the island.

You can book the 3 islands tour right here:

isla pajaros holbox
isla pajaros holbox
yalahau holbox
yalahau holbox
cenote yalahau holbox
Swimming in the cenote Yalahau
isla pasión holbox
isla pasión holbox
excursión holbox isla pasión
excursion holbox island passion
tour holbox
boat tour holbox

9. Explore the Mangroves on a Sunrise Kayak Adventure

Join a peaceful kayak tour through the Holbox mangrove reserve at sunrise.

This tour is perfect for everyone, no matter your kayaking experience.

As you paddle through the mangroves in your kayak, watch the wildlife awaken in the cool morning air, and keep an eye out for flamingos, ospreys, pelicans, cormorants, and even crocodiles!

Book the kayak tour here:

holbox kayak tour
Morning Kayak Tour in Holbox

10. Fishing in Holbox

Another great activity to enjoy in Holbox is a half-day fishing trip.

Meet your captain at the Muelle del Tiburón Ballena (pier) and set sail to Punta Mosquito. Feel the thrill of catching your own meal while exploring the islands and listening to stories about local pirates.

After fishing, you’ll get to taste the freshest ceviche you’ve ever had!

Once you’ve caught enough fish, you’ll explore different beautiful spots around the island and take a refreshing swim in the Yalahau cenote.

Book the fishing trip here

fishing holbox
Fishing in Holbox

11. Swim with whale sharks

If you’re in Holbox from May to mid-September, swimming with whale sharks is an activity you shouldn’t miss.

The adventure begins with a speedboat ride toward Cabo Catoche, where we’ll go swimming with whale sharks and possibly spot other marine life like manta rays, dolphins, and turtles.

Whale sharks are massive, stretching up to 30 ft long! Swimming alongside these gentle giants is an experience you’ll never forget. There’s no need to worry; it’s safe and well-regulated, with one guide for every two swimmers.

After our time in the water, you’ll head to the peaceful Santa Paula beach.

Here, you can unwind and savor some fresh ceviche, or if you prefer, enjoy delicious guacamole and mango.

Book the tour here:

whale shark holbox
Swim with the whale sharks in Holbox

12. Relax in a spa

There’s no place more relaxing than the island of Holbox. If you want to treat yourself, you can visit the Agua Spa and Yoga Center at Hotel Casa Las Tortugas, which offers massages and treatments inspired by Mayan traditions, with all-natural and local products.

You can also join yoga classes by the sea, as well as meditation sessions.

  • If you prefer a massage on the beach, prices are around 400 pesos for a back massage, 600 pesos for a full body massage and 700 pesos for a Swedish massage.
holbox spa
Spa in Holbox

13. Visit the animal shelter

This is an extraordinary activity that’s sure to leave a lasting impression! ❤️

Founded in 2009, this dog shelter focuses on rescuing puppies that have been abused or neglected. The dedicated team at the shelter nurtures these dogs back to health until they are joyful and ready for adoption.

You can visit the shelter to meet Morelia, the founder, and even take the dogs for a walk. They’re always in need of volunteers to help out with their non-profit organization.

  • I highly recommend checking out their Facebook Page to learn more and see how you can get involved.
refugio holbox
refugio holbox

Where to stay in Holbox?

There are many hotels in Holbox that cater to all budgets. Here are some of my suggestions for lodging in Holbox:

  • Kin Camping: This is the best place to sleep cheap in Holbox! They are tents (camping) with double beds, hot water, a good atmosphere, hammocks, and a bar. They also propose several fun activities, from only 28 $usd  per night!
  • Casa Chujuk: A hotel offering excellent value for money, which is becoming increasingly difficult to find in Holbox! Very clean and bright rooms, with comfortable mattresses, a small pool to cool off, and good wifi, from 50 $usd per night!
  • Ensueño Holbox & Beach Club: Suites and flats with kitchenette for up to 5 people. Roof terrace, two swimming pools, a beach club with good food and music! Breakfast is included, from 130 $usd per night!
  • Beachfront Hotel La Palapa – Adults only: A nice hotel very well located near the centre, with a beachfront, and a quiet beach that has excellent cocktails at the bar. Spacious rooms and very good service. Excellent breakfast included, from 250 $usd per night!
  • Villas Flamingos: Located on a private beach on Isla Holbox, this 4-star hotel offers cozy and colorful bungalows with private terrace and hammock. From 387 $usd per night, breakfast included. Strong points: the stunning sea view, the relaxing atmosphere, the friendly staff, the delicious food. This is my suggestion for a peaceful and charming stay in Holbox!
holbox hotel
holbox hotel

Where to eat in Holbox?

There is a great variety of restaurants in Holbox whether you want a small local place or a fancy spot on the beach.


I decided to try Arte Sano based on some positive reviews. The green terrace was a pleasant setting, and the omelette was generously sized (140 pesos). However, the service was neither particularly friendly nor quick. Unfortunately, this kind of service isn’t uncommon on the island.

I had a completely different experience at Naranjas! Super attentive and friendly staff, good music (reggae, salsa, cumbia), casual, very tasty omelette (120 pesos), huge smoothie bowls with fruit (I recommend the Green Life at 150 pesos). I went back several times.

desayuno holbox
Breakfast at Naranjas, Holbox


El Colibrí is both a small and cozy cafe-restaurant and a craft store (clothes, bowls, etc.) that has recently opened its doors. It is run by a French couple who live between Holbox and Morocco, and the service is very friendly.

It stands out from the rest of Holbox because it is a small oasis of calm, ideal for sitting down to read a book and have a coffee, as well as to try the menu (breakfast, fresh pasta, salads, pancakes, desserts). Everything here is homemade.

PS: I’ve noticed that there are many wall sockets, and they will soon have wifi, so it will be a good place to work with laptop too 😉

colibri holbox
colibri holbox
desayuno colibri holbox
breakfast colibri holbox


A mix of food truck and terrace, Nereida is a little gem in Holbox.

I’ve lived in Mexico City for a few years and as a chilanga, I take tacos very seriously. So I started with 2 cochinita tacos (30 pesos each) and they were so good I ordered more.

A taste of real Mexican food: the meat is tender, you can tell it has been cooked for a long time and prepared with love – what a delight to finally find this authenticity in Holbox!

With the relaxed atmosphere, the service, the wifi, salsa and cumbia (if you know the classics you will enjoy it a lot 😁), I could have stayed there all day. My only regret is finding it the day before I left.

  • Instagram Nereida Cantina de Mar
  • From 9am to 3pm, there are options with cochinita (chilaquiles, tacos, tamale, gordita, etc). After 3pm, the regular menu starts with ceviches, aguachiles, etc. I recommend the guacamole with shrimp.
tacos holbox nereida
tacos holbox nereida

Eating on a budget in Holbox

Holbox Island is quite pricey, not only because it’s a tourist destination in Quintana Roo, but also simply because it’s an island!

If you are traveling on a budget and want to save money, your best option is probably to go to the Holbox Municipal Market.

There is not much variety and, as far as I remember, several stalls close at 2pm, but you can eat there and also do some shopping which will be a bit cheaper than elsewhere.

  • I recommend you always ask prices before eating, I have noticed that prices are unstable in Holbox 🙃
My Advice
Of course, it’s also a good idea to book a hostel with kitchen access, such as Mapache Hostel & Camping
mercado municipal holbox
mercado municipal holbox

The specialty of Holbox

Finally, Holbox’s specialty is lobster pizza, but it costs about 500-600 pesos.

pizza langosta holbox
pizza langosta holbox

Where to grab a drink in Holbox

During the day, Holbox offers a variety of beach clubs to enjoy.

As evening sets in, the island boasts several cool bars. While I’m not much of a partygoer, there are a few spots I really enjoyed:

  • Salma: I’ve been following this bar on Instagram for some time, and it truly lived up to my expectations!

The atmosphere is great, the service is excellent, and the cocktails are top-notch. I recommend trying the Crater cocktail (180 pesos) for something classic, and if you’re in the mood for something unique, go for the Chimera (210 pesos) which includes Sechuan flowers that give a slightly electrifying sensation on the tongue!

Also, their tuna tartare is definitely worth a try.

holbox bar salma
holbox bar salma
  • Basico: I think it’s safe to say that this is the nicest bar in Holbox.

Boho-chic ambiance, with a nice tiki influence, and of course you pay $ for the decor and ambiance. Be sure to make a reservation.

holbox bar basico
Basico in Holbox

Wi-fi in Holbox

Wi-Fi in Holbox can be hit or miss, which might be challenging, especially if you need a reliable connection for work. That’s just part of the island’s charm, and it’s something you’ll need to adjust to.

Even with a local Mexican phone plan, which has been reliable for years, I found that signal coverage can be spotty, even in the town center.

This issue extends to any Wi-Fi you might access in restaurants, cafes, or hotels since the overall network coverage on the island is limited.

However, if you’re looking for a place to work that offers Wi-Fi, Clandestino Cafe is a good option and has two locations on the island. Keep in mind, it’s a popular spot not only because it’s one of the few places with decent Wi-Fi but also because it serves brunch, so it can get quite crowded!

holbox cafe wifi
holbox cafe wifi

How to get to Holbox?

If you’re planning to travel to Holbox, you’ll first need to head to the port of Chiquilá, where you can catch a ferry to the island.

1. Taking a Day Trip to Holbox

If you’re pressed for time but still want to explore Holbox, consider booking a day tour from Cancun or the Riviera Maya (like Playa del Carmen).

These tours include round-trip transportation from your hotel, a guide, water, and lunch. The itinerary also covers a boat tour to Isla Pajaros, Isla Pasion, and Yalahau Lagoon, plus some free time to enjoy at your leisure.

You can book your Holbox tour here:

From Cancun:

From the Riviera Maya:

2. Taking a shuttle

Taking a shuttle to the ferry is another great option.

It gives you more flexibility than a guided tour and is less of a hassle than taking the bus. With this choice, you can relax and enjoy the ride without worrying about the details.

Here are your options; pick the one that suits you best:

3. Visiting Holbox on your own (bus or car)

Step 1: Getting to Chiquilá

From Cancun (downtown)

  • There is a direct ADO bus from downtown Cancun to Chiquilá – several outings a day, starting at 8.15 a.m.(2h30 trip)
  • Other bus companies that do the Cancún-Chiquilá route include Oriente and Mayab. They are not direct routes.
  • By car: 2h10, take the 180D and then the QROO 5.

From Cancun (airport)

  • By public transportation: take one of the ADO buses to downtown Cancun that leave regularly (30 min trip) and then another bus to Chiquilá. Good news, for the return trip there is a direct ADO bus from Chiquilá to Cancun Airport at 2 PM and 3.30 PM
  • By car: 2h10, take Cancun – Chetumal/Carr. Tulum – Cancun/Mexico 307, then QROO 180 and QROO 5

From Playa del Carmen

  • By bus: with Mayab (outbound 9.10am, return 5pm), Riviera (outbound 9.45am-return 4.15pm) and ADO (outbound 9.25am-return 4.15pm)
  • By car: 1h50 drive, merge onto the 305D, then to QROO 5

From Tulum

  • By car: 2h30 – take the road QROO 109 and Kantunilkin – Chiquilá
  • By bus: 3h30 – only one bus per day with ADO, departure at 8.10am and arrival at 11.30am

Step 2: Taking the ferry to Holbox

Once you reach Chiquilá, you’ll need to take a ferry to Holbox. There are two ferry services available: 9 Hermanos and Holbox Express.

Both companies charge the same price and follow the same schedule, with ferries departing every half hour from 6 AM to 9:30 PM. The journey takes about 25 minutes.

You can purchase your ferry ticket either at the port or online through their websites:

ferry holbox
ferry holbox

Step 3: take the taxi from the port

Once you arrive at the port of Holbox, you will see the taxi stand on the left and it works on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are posted prices, but in my experience they are not accurate (how convenient for them!😆). As prices vary depending on the area where your hotel is located – I advise you to know where it is located to avoid fare scams. This has helped me a lot.

For the return trip

In Holbox, you will find several signs of colectivos (shared vans) for your return from the port of Chiquilá to the Cancun airport, downtown Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Valladolid. Prices usually range from 350 pesos to 390 pesos (first departure at 7:30 am), not including the ferry.

If you prefer to take the bus: all buses leave from the ADO terminal in Chiquilá, 2 minutes walk from the ferry, where you will find the published schedules with prices.

In any case, I recommend that you check the Chiquilá ADO Facebook page for upand its website.

  • PS: while waiting for the bus, there is a coffee shop with wifi right next to the station.
terminal ado chiquilá
terminal ado chiquilá
horarios bus chiquilá
bus schedule chiquilá

How to get to Holbox by car?

You cannot bring your car on the ferry from Chiquilá to Holbox.

Upon arriving at the port, you will find several secure parking lots. All of them charge the same rates: 50 pesos for 12 hours and 100 pesos for 24 hours.

Renting a car is for sure the best way to explore Mexico and make the most of your stay!

While it’s not super useful to visit the city, having a car is a must to discover the rest of the country.

To rent a car, personaly, I always use Cars, for a few reasons:

  • You can easily compare the rental cars prices between all the agencies: for sure the easiest way to find the best rate!
  • Cancellation is often offered free of charge: no need to worry if you change your mind
  • Booking Cars offers full insurance coverage at a lower price than the rental companies, so it’s an instant saving with no effort

Simply click on the green button to find your rental car at the best price:

How to move around Holbox?

Walking around Holbox is possible, but the distances can be quite lengthy, especially if you’re planning to visit Punta Cocos or Punta Mosquito.

For easier exploration of Holbox, it’s best to rent a bike or a golf cart.

Rent a golf cart in Holbox

During the rainy season, renting golf carts is often not possible due to unpaved roads that become muddy.

Even outside of the rainy season, you may encounter large puddles that block some streets—not necessarily due to heavy rainfall, but because the water evaporates very slowly.

My advice
If unsure about road conditions, follow a taxi—they know the best routes!

Avoid crossing large puddles as the rental company may charge you a significant cleaning fee if the cart gets too muddy (in my case, I was told 400 pesos).

  • Golf Cart Rental Costs in Holbox: I paid 800 pesos for 4 hours (up to 4 passengers). Rates vary, including 300 pesos per hour, 550 pesos for 2 hours, 700 pesos for 3 hours, 1500 pesos for 12 hours (8 AM to 8 PM), or 2000 pesos for 24 hours.
inundación holbox
flood holbox
carrito de golf holbox
my golf cart holbox

Rent a bike in Holbox

Renting a bike is the cheapest and most convenient way to get around Holbox. Bikes are readily available and generally priced the same across the board.

Before setting out, test the bike to ensure it functions well, as the roads in Holbox can be quite rough.

  • Bike Rental Costs in Holbox: 50 pesos per hour, 150 pesos for all day (9 AM to 7 PM), or 200 pesos for 24 hours.
bicicleta holbox
bicicleta holbox

How long to visit Holbox?

On my first trip to Mexico, I only spent one day in Holbox. It felt rushed, especially because you have to catch a ferry and the port is two hours away from the Riviera Maya.

The second time around, I stayed for three days, which was just perfect to fully experience everything Holbox has to offer.

Here’s my recommended itineraries for making the most of your time, whether you have 1, 2, or 3 days in Holbox:

Visit Holbox in 1 day

If like me you only have one day in Holbox, it is enough to see a lot of things, but you will have to maximize your time, taking into account transportation (2 hours from Playa del Carmen or Cancun + 30 minutes ferry ride one way).

  • In the morning (9 or 10 am), take the ferry to Holbox from Chiquilá
  • Stroll through the village, observe the local life and the beautiful colorful murals
  • Go as far as Punta Mosquitos, where you can walk on sandbank
  • Return to the center, where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch with margaritas on the beach😎
  • In the afternoon rent a bike (or golf cart) to explore Punta Cocos
  • Admire the sunset at Punta Cocos, it’s one of the most beautiful in Mexico!
  • Take the ferry back to Chiquilá. The last ferry leaves at 9 pm, so it’s best to arrive early (and book your ticket online)

My advice
Check out my detailed guide on the perfect one-day itinerary in Holbox to make the most of your day!

Visit Holbox in 2 days

Here is my suggestion of things to do in two days in Holbox:

  • The first day, follow the same plan
  • If you sleep in Holbox, you will be able to see the bioluminescence at Punta Cocos (from July to January)
  • On the 2nd day, take a morning kayak tour in the mangroves to observe the wildlife – Book the kayak tour here!
  • In the afternoon, take the boat tour to Isla Pajaros and Passion Island and swim in Yalahau Lagoon – Book the boat tour here!
My advice
Discover my complete guide for an awesome 2-day trip to Holbox and make the most of your visit!

Visit Holbox in 3 days

If you are lucky enough to spend three days in Holbox, follow the plan above and then:

  • Swim with whale sharks: it is an unforgettable experience! The excursion takes almost the whole day, so it is best to do it only if you stay several days on the island.
atardecer isla holbox
sunset isla holbox

Money in Holbox

Many restaurants in Holbox accept credit cards, but due to the island’s unreliable internet connection, these payments don’t always go through smoothly. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry cash with you.

While there are several ATMs on Holbox, I’m cautious about using independent ones. The safest options are the ATM located on the second floor of Holbox’s town hall in the main plaza (click here to see on map)— though it can sometimes be out of cash — or, even better, use the ATM at Cibanco.

alcaldía holbox
alcaldía holbox
banco holbox
cibanco holbox

When to go to Holbox?

  • November to February: it is winter, so it can be a bit chilly and some days are cloudy. It is a good idea to bring a sweater and closed shoes, plus sandals and a t-shirt, just in case. Personally, I went in early January and I found the temperature to be perfect, with beautiful sunshine but…no sweat! For me, that’s the ideal weather. 😁
  • March to June: they say it’s the best time to visit Holbox, with warm weather and little rain. From May to June, prices are usually more reasonable.
  • July to October: it’s the rainy and hurricane season, so it’s best to avoid it (sometimes they even close the island for safety reasons). But every year is different so if you plan to travel to Holbox during the rainy season, it is best to check a few days before you go.

How to find a cheap flight to Cancun

Cancun International Airport is a major hub that welcomes numerous flights from Europe and North America, serviced by well-known airlines such as Air Transat, Air Canada, Iberia, Aeromexico, Interjet, and KLM. This diversity makes it easy to find flights that fit your schedule.

To secure a cheap flight to Cancun and the best domestic flights within Mexico, I highly recommend using our flight comparison tool, powered by Skyscanner. It’s designed to ensure you get the best available fares!

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visit Holbox Mexico

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