The 15 Best Restaurants in Mazatlan (Dine Like a Local!)


Discover my favourite Restaurants in Mazatlan

Like any self-respecting Mexican seaside destination, Mazatlan is filled with great restaurants and street food for every budget.

So, where should you start?

Here’s my list of the top 15 places to eat and drink in Mazatlan, sorted by category: cafés, seafood, desserts, and bars.

While there are other noteworthy spots, this list is an excellent starting point for your first visit.

You’ll also find my thoughts on the food tour, my favorite experience in Mazatlan!

Don’t miss my complete guide to Mazatlan for all the top activities and must-see locations.

So, what are the best restaurants in Mazatlan?

Cafés in Mazatlan

1. Cafferium

Mazatlan’s Best Café!

My morning coffee is sacred, making Cafferium a must-visit before my walks along the malecon.

Its vibrant facade hides five unique areas, including an indoor terrace, offering peace and privacy even when it’s busy.

They serve a variety of breakfasts (110-220 pesos) and pastries. The standout for me is their guava, pecan, and caramel roll, closely followed by the almond cream, white chocolate, and raspberry tart.

I appreciate their early opening at 8 a.m., convenient for those with morning plans.

The café also has plenty of power outlets and strong wifi, making it an ideal workspace in Mazatlan!

  • Belisario Domínguez 2006, Centro, Mazatlán
  • Open 8am-10pm Tue-Thu, 8am-11pm Fri-Sun
cafferium mazatlan
cafferium mazatlan
mazatlan cafe cafferium
mazatlan cafe cafferium
cafe terrasse mazatlan
cafe terrasse mazatlan

2. Casa Hindie

The name “Hindie” initially caught my attention, hinting at something exotic.

Casa Hindie bills itself as Sinaloa’s first tea room and restaurant, offering over 50 types of tea and infusions.

Given India’s status as the top tea producer, the name makes sense, though it’s the only Indian connection I found. The place is charming and beautifully decorated, yet lacks any Indian elements. 😆

It’s popular among the younger, local crowd, some of whom bring laptops, enjoying the café’s wifi.

Thankfully, the atmosphere remains light and pleasant, avoiding the impersonal feel of laptop-filled cafés.

With my café americano, I tried a “boston,” a light, not-too-sweet almond cake that was just right

  • Constitución 620, Centro,Mazatlán
  • Open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day
casa hindie cafe mazatlan
casa hindie cafe mazatlan
cafe wifi mazatlan
cafe wifi mazatlan
hindie cafe mazatlan boston
hindie cafe mazatlan boston

3. Totem

A lovely café with a rooftop terrace near Plazuela Machado stands out as one of the best breakfast spots in Mazatlan.

They offer a wide selection, all made with quality ingredients: fresh fruit, pancakes, chilaquiles, and omelettes, to name a few.

Their cakes and pastries, like the famous pistachio concha, are a bit too sweet for me, but tastes vary.

I didn’t visit in the evening, but their cocktail and mocktail menu seemed intriguing.

  • C. Heriberto Frías 1504, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán
cafe totem mazatlan
cafe totem mazatlan

4. Looney Bean

Looney Bean, facing the Olas Altas beach, is a must-visit Mazatlan café.

However, my experience was mixed, perhaps due to high expectations.

The interior lacks charm, but the terrace offers a nice view. The staff are friendly, and the juices and smoothies are delicious.

Yet, my espresso, tasting burnt, was a letdown. Surprising for a café that prides itself on daily roasting.

It seems most customers prefer flavored iced coffees, which don’t require high-quality coffee as a base.

I’d return for the terrace and a fresh juice but skip the coffee.

Note that they serve breakfast from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., including fruit, pancakes, eggs, sandwiches, and burritos.

  • P.º Olas Altas 166-LOC G, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin.
  • Open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m
looney bean cafe mazatlan
looney bean cafe mazatlan

Seafood in Mazatlan

5. Toledo

By chance, I ended up at Marisqueria Toledo’s terrace, a welcome discovery after a long walk in the sun.

Located atop a building near Plazuela Machado, it offers a beautiful view of the square and its palm trees.

The waiter recommended both the shrimp ceviche and the Pacific sierra fish ceviche.

Since I was traveling solo, I chose the shrimp—it was a great opportunity to enjoy shellfish, something I seldom do since my partner is highly allergic!

Before my ceviche, I was served a small caldo de camaron (shrimp broth) – a customary appetizer at Mexican seafood restaurants. Unlike others, which can be too strong, this was perfectly balanced.

The shrimp ceviche, with tomato, onion, and coriander, was fresh, flavorful, and generously portioned.

The service was outstanding, the best I experienced in Mazatlan!

  • Address: C. Heriberto Frías 1209, entre calle Sixto Osuna y calle Ángel, Mazatlan (Plazuela Machado)
  • Open from noon to 11pm
ceviche mazatlan plazuela machado
ceviche mazatlan plazuela machado
salsa negra mexico
salsa negra mexico

6. El Changuirongo

To find the best places to eat when traveling, stepping away from the tourist-heavy areas is key.

This was how I came across El Changuirongo during a food tour with Maaike in Mazatlan.

Opened in 1958, El Changuirongo originally served a namesake drink combining tequila, salt, lime juice, and Coca Cola. While the drink has since been phased out, the name remains, and today, it’s known for serving some of the best seafood in Mazatlan!

Vanessa, our waitress and a key figure at El Changuirongo for 40 years, has shaped the establishment’s identity.

The decor is modest, reminiscent of a neighborhood eatery, almost like stepping into someone’s home.

But you’re not there for the ambiance—you’re there for the fresh, affordable seafood served in hearty portions.

Outside, you’ll find the “cold kitchen” where dishes like ceviches and oysters are prepared under “El Chino’s” vigilant eye. The “hot kitchen” on the second floor dishes out empanadas, fried fish, and more.

Must-tries include the ceviche mixto, marlin pâté, huge oysters, and shrimp empanadas filled with cheese.

  • Address: 21 de Marzo 1326, Centro, 82000 Mazatlán
  • Open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

My tip
Nearby, the Pedro Infante Museum (open Mon-Sat 10am-3pm, Sun 10am-2pm) is less than a 5-minute walk away. It celebrates the greatest actor of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema with a collection of costumes, photos, posters, and more.
changuirongo mazatlan
changuirongo mazatlanda de crevettes, El Changuirongo, Mazatlan

7. Mariscos Los Polines

Los Polines stands as a pillar of Mazatlan tradition.

From a modest stand in the 1950s, it has expanded to two locations without sacrificing the freshness and quality of its seafood, always prepared on the spot.

Upon our visit, we were warmly welcomed by the owners, Carlos and his brother Eduardo, ‘Lalo,’ whose charisma and powerful voice add a unique charm to the dining experience.

Notable dishes include bacon-wrapped shrimp, coconut shrimp, and the best shrimp aguachile I’ve tasted in Mexico!

  • Address: Melchor Ocampo 907 Col. Centro, Mazatlan
  • Open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. except Wednesday
aguachile mazatlan
Aguachile preparation, Los Polines, Mazatlan
los polines mazatlan
los polines mazatlan

8. Mariscos Renteria “Los Liguillas”

María Elena Rentería de León, always smiling, runs the stand, surrounded by a variety of shellfish, ready to be enjoyed.

When he saw how interested I was in the large number of oysters and clams, her colleague said, “Watch this,” and poured water on them. The shellfish began to move. They were very fresh!

I was strongly recommended to try the tostada de jaiba, a crab tostada. And let me tell you, it was delicious.

What surprised me even more was the price — only 30 pesos, a real bargain for such quality.

  • Address: Calle Gral. Ángel Flores 702, Centro, Mazatlan
  • Open from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m
fruits de mer mazatlan
mazatlan seafood
tostada crabe mariscos renteria Mazatlan
tostada crab mariscos renteria Mazatlan

9. Tacos Borrachos Emilio

La Paz in Baja California Sur holds a special place in my heart, largely thanks to unforgettable culinary experiences, particularly the fish tacos.

However, Emilio’s Tacos Borrachos in Mazatlan has made me question if Baja California really has the best fish tacos!

Emilio’s simple yet delectable fish taco capeado (lightly fried) accompanied by a fresh horchata has set a high bar.

The rivalry between Mazatlan and La Paz for the best fish taco is fierce, and choosing a winner is a delicious dilemma.

  • Address: Adolfo Ruiz Cortines 159, Montuosa, Mazatlán
  • 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m
tacos borrachos emilio mazatlan
tacos borrachos emilio mazatlan
taco poisson mazatlan
Fish taco and horchata, Tacos Borrachos Emilio, Mazatlan

Drinks in Mazatlan

10. Craft beer at La Bichola

Mexico boasts an impressive array of craft beers, and I make it a point to try a local brew in each new place I visit.

This time, the beer found me, as if by magic, after a breathtaking whale-watching tour.

Walking from the marina through Zona Dorada and along the malecon, the day was hot, and I soon realized I was very thirsty. 😅

That’s when I stumbled upon “La Bichola.” Seeking relief in the form of air conditioning—and, of course, beer—I ventured inside.

The Peanut Butter Stout caught my attention; it was surprisingly light and infused with flavors of chocolate, peanut butter, and roasted cereals.

The English Pale Ale was equally impressive: well-balanced and refreshing.

My tip
For those looking to dive deeper into the craft beer experience, La Bichola offers a bike tour through Zona Dorada and along part of the malecon, complete with a guide, music, and, importantly, craft beer!

Book the tour here:

mazatlan beer bichola pale ale
Pale Ale, Bichola, Mazatlan
beer bike tour mazatlan
Bichola bike tour with beer

11. Sky Bar (Observatory)

Not only is Observatorio 1873 a must-see in Mazatlan, but it also hosts the bar with the city’s best view!

After exploring agaves, cacti, the iguana sanctuary, and a museum that recreates a house from the Mexican Revolution era, head to the rooftop. There, the Sky Bar awaits.

While it offers several small terraces, my preferred spot is indoors, where the breeze flows freely, and the views of Mazatlan El Faro, the ocean, and Paseo Centenario are unparalleled.

I tried the tacos gobernador; they were alright, but not spectacular.

My advice? Focus on the drinks, as you’ll find better food elsewhere. However, the view alone is worth a visit!

  • Paseo del Centenario 218, Cerro del Vigía, Mazatlán
  • The Sky Bar is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m

Access to the bar is exclusive to visitors of the Observatorio. You can buy tickets here:

view observatorio sky bar mazatlan
view of El Faro from the Observatorio 1873 Sky Bar
sky bar observatorio mazatlan
sky bar observatorio mazatlan
terrasse rooftop mazatlan
rooftop terrace mazatlan

12. El Muchacho Alegre

A word of caution: El Muchacho Alegre is not the place for quiet reflection.

Here, you dine and drink to the loud, lively tunes of Banda and Norteño music, typical of Sinaloa, right by the beach.

True to its name, which translates to “Merry Boy,” it promises a vibrant atmosphere.

Consider it a must-try to fully experience the party spirit of Mazatlan!

In a similar spirit, La Jaiba Pata Salada is also worth checking out.

  • Paseo Claussen 46 82000 Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
  • Open from 9am to 2am. Music from 4:30pm
el muchacho alegre mazatlan
el muchacho alegre mazatlan
banda sinaloense mazatlan
banda sinaloense mazatlan

Dessert in Mazatlan

13. Nieves de Con Medrano

In Mexico, “nieves” are like ice creams made from water and local fruits like coconut, mamey, mango, lemon, strawberry, avocado, etc., without any preservatives.

They’re lighter than regular ice cream, perfect for hot weather! 🥵

The origin of nieves
 Nieves have been around since the time before the Spanish arrived in Mexico.

The Aztecs would get ice from the volcanoes Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl and sell it in the big market of Tlatelolco.

They made nieves with cocoa, honey, and fruit, but only the rich could afford them because they were expensive.

Later, during the colonial era, the Italians introduced the “nieve de garrafa” (carafe snow) technique, a method still in practice today.

They put the mix in a metal container inside a wooden barrel filled with ice and stirred it until it was creamy but still light.

On a hot day in Mazatlan, I decided to try some nieves from Medrano, a simple stand known all over Mazatlan and open since 1938!

The grandson of the original owner, a friendly young man, was there. He suggested I try their famous vanilla and plum flavors.

The plum was especially memorable, reminding me of baked apples.

He mentioned they often change flavors and would have walnut nieve soon.

I promised to return on Thursday, but sadly, I never made it back. I still think about it…

  • 3 scoops only 25 pesos
  • Corner of 5 de Mayo and Angel Flores, Mazatlan (one block from Plaza Republica and the Cathedral)
  • Open daily from 11am to 10pm
nieves de garrafa mazatlan
nieves de garrafa mazatlan

14. Guava tart

Guava tart (pay de guayaba) is a must-try dessert in Mazatlán.

It’s like a cheesecake with whipped cream, topped with green guava, walnuts, and cajeta (a kind of caramel made from goat’s milk), all local to the area.

Many cafes and restaurants in Mazatlan serve it, but Panaderia Panama’s version is iconic!

They have several locations, including three in the historic center.

  • Panaderia Panama has several branches, including three in the historic center
  • Open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m
goyave mazatlan panaderia panama
guava mazatlan panaderia panama

Taking a food tour of Mazatlan: my experience

I discovered many of these delicious places on a food tour in Mazatlan.

After exploring the city by foot and boat, I joined a tour organized by Maaike Hoekstra at Plaza Machado, near my hotel Raices de Mar.

Maaike is from the Netherlands but has lived in Mazatlan for 20 years with her family. She started Flavor Teller, which now offers six different culinary tours around the city.

A highlight was riding in an auriga, a typical vehicle in Mazatlan that I had been eager to try.

Under the bright sun, we spent three hours exploring less-known streets, finding the best local spots.

We even stopped at the port to learn about life as a shrimp and tuna fisherman, two of Mazatlan’s main products.

Amazed by the places Maaike showed us, I was curious how long it took to find them. She laughed and said she and her husband had to try many places, sometimes challenging their stomachs!

This tour ended up being my favorite activity in Mazatlan.

My only regret is not doing it sooner, as I would have loved to try the other tours Maaike offers!

My tip
For an authentic taste of Mazatlan’s street food, you can book the tour here:

auriga truck mazatlan sinaloa
The rear of the Auriga, Mazatlan
port de peche mazatlan
fishing port mazatlan
peche thon mazatlan
tuna fishing mazatlan

Where to stay in Mazatlan: The Best Hotels

When it comes to finding the perfect place to stay in Mazatlán, you have two fantastic options: the charming historic center, adorned with colonial buildings, or the lively seafront Zona Dorada, with numerous bars and restaurants.

Here are my top hotel recommendations in Mazatlan:

  • One Mazatlán (Zona Dorada): Offering great value for money, this new hotel is just steps away from the beach in the Zona Dorada. With modern amenities, comfortable rooms, and a refreshing swimming pool, it’s an excellent choice starting at only 70 $usd per night, including breakfast!
  • Royal Villas Resort (Zona Dorada): For added luxury, consider this well-appointed hotel nestled in Mazatlán’s Zona Dorada. Enjoy a pool overlooking the sea, direct beach access, and spacious rooms with kitchenettes and sea views. With facilities like a gym, spa, restaurant, and bar, rates start at just 91 $usd per night.
  • Hotel Raices de Mar (Historic Center): Perfectly situated in Mazatlán’s historic center near Plazuela Machado, this hotel is ideal for explorers. Clean and comfortable rooms, an on-site restaurant, a small pool, and a rooftop terrace await you, starting from 120 $usd per night, including breakfast.
  • Casa Lucila Boutique Hotel (Historic Center): Experience the charm of Mazatlán at this intimate hotel near Olas Altas beach. Offering stunning ocean views from its terrace with a sea-facing pool, this boutique hotel features elegant rooms, a spa, and a restaurant. Prices start at 158 $usd per night and provide easy access to the malecon and other attractions.
  • Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan Beach Resort (All-Inclusive, Zona Dorada): Indulge in luxury at Mazatlán’s premier all-inclusive resort. With accolades from Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure, this 5-star property offers spacious rooms, direct beach access, multiple pools, restaurants, and a spa. Rates begin at 300 $usd per night.

My advice
 Dive deeper into my comprehensive Guide to the Best Hotels in Mazatlán for more insights and feedback!

Rent a car in Mazatlan

Renting a car is for sure the best way to discover Mazatlan and make the most of your stay!

To rent a car, personally, I always use Cars, for a few reasons:

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Discover the Best Flight Offers

Mazatlan International Airport (General Rafael Buelna International Airport) boasts excellent connectivity, welcoming flights from major Mexican cities such as Mexico City, Los Cabos, San José del Cabo, La Paz, Monterrey, Chihuahua, Hermosillo, Querétaro, and Tijuana.

Moreover, it serves as a prime entry point for direct flights from the US, including cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, and Minneapolis, as well as from major Canadian airports.

This extensive network of flights makes reaching Mazatlan a breeze from various locations.

To find a great deal on flights to Mazatlan and discover the best domestic flights across Mexico, make sure to use our flight comparison tool in partnership with Skyscanner. It’s your ticket to securing the best prices!

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where to eat Mazatlan



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