Mazatlan’s Top 5 Hotels: The Ultimate Accommodation Guide


Your Guide to the Top 5 Best Hotels in Mazatlan (Sinaloa)

Planning a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico, and looking for the perfect place to stay? You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve carefully selected the best hotels in Mazatlan for different tastes and budgets, from boutique hotels to luxury beachfront resorts.

In this guide, you’ll also discover my feedback from the Raices de Mar hotel, an ideal option for those looking for value for money and a central Mazatlan location.

To book your stay, simply click on the orange links or green buttons you’ll find throughout this article.

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My selection of the best hotels in Mazatlan

I chose the Hotel Raices de Mar where I spent 5 days, which is very well located in the historic center, ideal for those who like to explore on foot.

You can book your stay at Raices de Mar by clicking here:

Before making your final choice, you can also check out these other great hotels in Mazatlan to suit all budgets:

  • One Mazatlán (Zona Dorada): Offering great value for money, this new hotel is just steps away from the beach in the Zona Dorada. With modern amenities, comfortable rooms, and a refreshing swimming pool, it’s an excellent choice starting at only 70 $usd per night, including breakfast!
  • Royal Villas Resort (Zona Dorada): For added luxury, consider this well-appointed hotel nestled in Mazatlán’s Zona Dorada. Enjoy a pool overlooking the sea, direct beach access, and spacious rooms with kitchenettes and sea views. With facilities like a gym, spa, restaurant, and bar, rates start at just 91 $usd per night.
  • Casa Lucila Boutique Hotel (Historic Center): Experience the charm of Mazatlán at this intimate hotel near Olas Altas beach. Offering stunning ocean views from its terrace with a sea-facing pool, this boutique hotel features elegant rooms, a spa, and a restaurant. Prices start at 158 $usd per night and provide easy access to the malecon and other attractions.
  • Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan Beach Resort (All-Inclusive, Zona Dorada): Indulge in luxury at Mazatlán’s premier all-inclusive resort. With accolades from Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure, this 5-star property offers spacious rooms, direct beach access, multiple pools, restaurants, and a spa. Rates begin at 300 $usd per night.

My Advice
 These two distinct areas, set roughly 5 miles apart, offer unique experiences while both maintaining a safe environment.

The Historic Center charms visitors with its scenic colonial architecture, including the cathedral, Pino Suarez market, and various plazas like Plazuela Machado. It also grants access to numerous beaches, with Olas Altas being a personal favorite for its beauty and ambiance.

On the other hand, the Zona Dorada, located along Avenida Camaron Sabalo, faces the ocean directly. This area is perfect for beach lovers wanting easy access to extensive sandy shores and boasts a wide selection of restaurants, bars, and even a few casinos, providing a vibrant atmosphere day and night. 

royal villas resort mazatlan
royal villas resort mazatlan

My experience at the Raices de Mar hotel (Mazatlan)

Choosing Raices de Mar: The Location Factor

Visiting Mazatlan for the first time, I noticed the city was big and spread out.

Deciding where to stay was my first big decision: should I stay in the city center, near the malecon (long walkway by the sea), or in the lively Zona Dorada?

Even though there were many good hotels, I was traveling by myself, didn’t have a car, and liked old, pretty streets more than new buildings. So, I chose the historic center of Mazatlan.

After spending several days walking around Mazatlan, I’m happy to say I made the right choice!

Raices de Mar Hotel is right in the middle of Plazuela Machado, surrounded by lots of places to eat and coffee shops. It’s very close to the Angela Peralta Theater, a quick 5-minute walk from the big church (cathedral) and Mazatlan’s colorful houses, and not far from the malecon, right across from Olas Altas beach where I started each morning.

My Advice
 At first, I wasn’t sure if it was safer to stay in the hotel area than in the city center, because sometimes the hotel areas are safer.

But after talking to people who live there, I felt sure, and I really did feel safe walking back to the hotel at night on the small streets. 

Choosing this hotel also depended on my budget and the really good things people said about it on Booking and Google.

You can book your stay at Raices de Mar by clicking here:

plaza machado mazatlan
La Plaza Machado, Mazatlan

The rooms

There are two types of room: 5 deluxe queens for two people and 18 deluxe doubles for four people, all equipped in the same way.

My room was on the 2nd floor: with wifi, TV with netflix (and other apps), a small table with chair, a small wardrobe with hangers, air conditioning (in February, I didn’t use it), a comfortable bed.

The bathroom was compact yet tidy and well-equipped, featuring nice touches, a hairdryer, and hot water. Everything was clean and well-maintained.

My room faced the hallway, but thanks to the window shutters, privacy wasn’t an issue.

The one addition I would have appreciated is a safe – always useful!

mazatlan hotel raices de mar chambre
mazatlan hotel raices de mar chambre
mazatlan hotel raices de mar salle de bain
mazatlan hotel raices de mar bathroom
deuxieme etage hotel raices de mar
second floor hotel raices de mar

The restaurant

The hotel boasts an on-site restaurant with a terrace overlooking Plaza Machado. Its charming decor makes it a pleasant spot to unwind after a day’s exploration, enjoying the bustling scene.

Within the hotel, there’s another terrace featuring a bar.

I didn’t try a main dish, but their margarita cocktail and generously portioned guacamole with chicharron were delightful.

Included in the stay is breakfast, which I sampled on my last day due to early starts on other days. On recommendation, I tried the chorizo and cheese omelette, which was indeed delicious!

However, the service seemed a bit off, possibly due to it being off-season with fewer guests.

There seemed to be coordination issues between the kitchen, restaurant, and hotel services.

terrasse restaurant hotel mazatlan
terrace restaurant hotel mazatlan
restaurant hotel raices de mar mazatlan
restaurant hotel raices de mar mazatlan
patio hotel raices de mar mazatlan
patio hotel raices de mar mazatlan
margarita cocktail mazatlan
margarita cocktail mazatlan
guacamole chicharron
guacamole chicharron
hotel mazatlan petit dejeuner inclus
hotel mazatlan breakfast included

The facilities

In addition to the rooms and restaurant, there’s a small swimming pool on the first floor and a rooftop terrace.

The hotel pool

Interestingly, I initially mistook the hotel pool for decorative due to its small size and lack of facilities like deckchairs. It seems it’s more for a quick dip to cool off.


mazatlan hotel piscine raices de mar
mazatlan hotel piscine raices de mar

The roof terrace

The second-floor terrace offers a view of Plazuela Machado, though mostly obscured by trees, showing mostly rooftops. The space is nicely decorated with tables and various seating areas.

There was a bar, which appeared unused, possibly only operational during peak season?

terrasse sur le toit hotel mazatlan raices de mar
rooftop terrace hotel mazatlan raices de mar
vue terrasse plaza machado mazatlan
terrace view plaza machado mazatlan

My Thoughts on Hotel Raices de Mar

I adored the hotel’s central location.

The downside was the service, which was almost non-existent at both the reception and restaurant.

Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed by a friendly receptionist whom I never saw again. For the remainder of my stay, reception was often unmanned.

For checkout, I had to find someone in the kitchen to return the key.

On the upside, the location was unbeatable.

As a solo traveler, I appreciated the mix of locals and tourists for both the lively atmosphere and sense of safety.

Be prepared for weekend noise from the bustling square, but my room’s rear location meant my early nights were undisturbed.

The hotel was clean, well-kept, and offers great value in Mazatlan, making it a reliable choice for me.

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Moreover, it serves as a prime entry point for direct flights from the US, including cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, and Minneapolis, as well as from major Canadian airports.

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Mazatlan Best Places to Stay
Mazatlan Best Places to Stay


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