Santulan: A Sustainable and Wellbeing Oasis in Mexico’s Vineyards


My Experience at Santulan: A Relaxing Escape in Valle de Guadalupe

After a scenic drive through rural roads, we suddenly find ourselves in front of Santulan.

It is a pleasant surprise to see this modern structure of clean lines, blending in with the landscape of the Valley, among vineyards and mountains.

I get out of the car and spend a few seconds observing the building with curiosity. Santulan is adjacent to the grounds of Grupo La Villa del Valle. I think they both, each in their own style, add an interesting touch to the skyline.

Lokesh and Crystal arrive to help us and snap me out of my thoughts. They are the founders of the place. He is Indian and she is American.

They met about twenty years ago studying in Pennsylvania, and Santulan, this bed & breakfast in the Guadalupe Valley, is their baby.

Why did you decide to create Santulan?

Lokesh answers: “A few years ago we came on a trip to the region. It was really love at first sight. At that time we couldn’t find a place to stay that really suited us, so we decided to create a place that would be our ideal place to sleep in the Guadalupe Valley.

Construction was already underway when Lokesh attended a presentation by young architect Santos Bolivar at Malva restaurant. “It was an instant revelation! I realized he was the one who had to do the project. From that moment on everything flowed very naturally.”

hotel santulan en méxico
hotel santulan in mexico

A Sustainable Project

As I follow them through the building, I discover the monumental work hidden behind the doors. Absolutely everything is imbued with the spirit of sustainability.

You should know that, in the world of tourism, the terms ecological and sustainable are often used merely as a marketing strategy without any real basis and this has made me wary over the years.

Being sustainable is not easy and, frankly, it is quite limiting in many aspects.

It is no coincidence that Santulan’s beginnings date back to 2015, and it was not until the summer of 2019 (yes, four years later!), that it became fully operational. Those who decide to embark on the adventure of sustainability do so out of conviction, and it is very important to recognize their efforts.

As we walk along, we find an organic permaculture garden that produces different seasonal vegetables, which are used for breakfast. Here they try to use as little water as possible and chemicals are replaced by natural insect repellents, such as garlic and cinnamon.

All the gardens are home to local varieties: cactus, of course, fruit trees and shrubs such as orange, lavender and rosemary.

cactus méxico
Santulan’s cactus garden. Photo Karla Acosta

Green roofs allow rainwater to be collected and reused to irrigate the different green spaces. The water from the kitchen, showers, sinks and laundry goes through a purification process with ozone and aquatic plants to form a triangular mirror of refreshing water that irrigates the vineyards.

… The vineyards?

Yes, they say, pointing to some small plants that cover a large part of the land, our “Sitar” vineyard will produce nebbiolo, sangiovese, petit syrah and tempranillo. At the moment we are not producing wine, but we will.

Absolutely everything has been handmade: the doors, the dining table, the bricks, the curtains, even the pillowcases are made from Lokesh’s mother’s sari and were sewn by Crystal’s mother.

… The bricks too?

Crystal recalls with a smile: Yes! Each brick, one by one, has been handmade with the soil that we have taken from the site. Each block was put through an artisan machine to be molded and pressed. The process has taken longer than we thought, but we are very pleased with the result!

Santulan’s Rooms

We continue our walk to one of the eight rooms; it looks minimalist at first glance, but hides pleasant surprises, such as the glass ceiling that covers the shower and lets you see the stars at night, or the huge windows that open completely to access the balcony and extend the room.

baño hotel santulan
bathroom hotel santulan. Photo Karla Acosta

Meditation and Yoga

Lokesh and Crystal guide us through a narrow gray hallway, at the end of which stands a futuristic-looking wooden triangle, which is actually the door to a spherical room.

hotel santulan arquitectura
hotel santulan arquitecture. Photo Karla Acosta

They explain: Santulan means balance in Hindi.

We not only try to offer balance with the environment, but also to create a spirit of overall harmony for our guests who come to drink wine, relax and socialize; this is why we offer meditation and yoga sessions, so that the experience is much more complete and profound.

And here we are, in the geodesic dome that offers the ideal conditions to practice meditation: deep peace, heated floor, natural light and a beautiful view of the surroundings.

Meditating in Valle de Guadalupe? It is hard to imagine an environment more conducive to relaxation.

The next day, I meet Crystal early in the morning for my first meditation experience.

We are all sitting in a circle inside the dome. We close our eyes. She guides the first few minutes with a gentle voice and then lets everyone follow the path of their own meditation.

I focus on my breathing to avoid thinking about my work, but a plethora of questions start to pop up in my head: Is my breathing too short? Is it normal to breathe so much through my mouth? Do others breathe like me?

I don’t know much about meditation, but I’m sure that so many questions have distracted me from my purpose.

I settle back on the cushion and finally manage to free my mind of thoughts as best I can.

I don’t know if I fell asleep, but when I open my eyes again after only fifteen minutes, I feel refreshed. I surprise myself!

meditacion méxico
meditation T Santulan. Photo Karla Acosta

After a delicious homemade breakfast in the common room with Armando, manager and co-artisan of the place, and two couples of friends who have come to relax and enjoy the vineyards, it’s time to hit the road again.

Too soon, no doubt, as I am still under the relaxing effects of meditation. I would gladly stay longer to enjoy the fireplace, eating another of the delicious muffins with cereals and nuts.

All photos are the intellectual property of Karla Acosta


  • Address: Calle 6B Rancho San Marcos, Colonia El Porvenir, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

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  • Mexicali-Tijuana/Mexico 2D, then Ruta del Vino/Mexico 3

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